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Throughout the 90s, Dean De Benedictis gained minor experience sparsely collaborating on music videos with friends who were film editors and computer graphics specialists. After the world went almost completely digital around the turn of the millennium, Dean's newly acquired video skills were rendered somewhat obsolete. Shortly after the release of Dean's albums "In Vitro Tide" (2000) and "Borrowed Time 2000" (2004), he began searching for digital film/video artists to collaborate with again. For reasons unknown, no decent-quality artists were available for him. Dean continued his search, and after years of no reply from professionals and novices alike, Dean gave up. One day in 2008, a friend passed Dean a stable cracked version of a unique video-art program. This program rekindled Dean's fascination with video and film work, and his skills in those mediums have since continued to grow in a variety of ways. This page is designed to exhibit some of Dean's most notable video works. It does not contain all of his work in that field, but it definitely highlights some of his strongest video projects, primarily in the form of music videos and EPKs.

Self-Made Videos For Dean's Own Ambient-Based Music

Music Documentaries And EPKs By Dean

Videos Dean Made For Other People's Music

Music Videos Dean Made For His Ambient Progressive Jazz Band - THE STRATOS ENSEMBLE