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WDIY-fm Showing Some Love

I'm proud to announce that every Thursday, for the month of December, I'll be the featured artist/composer on WDIY fm. It's an east coast radio station but it streams. I think they play my music at midnight Eastern time, so around 9pm Pacific. I'm not positive so check the times in these links. The station will feature either a Surface 10 or Dean De Benedictis album per week (same 'me', different names). The show is called Galactic Travels and the DJ is Bill Fox, a great guy who in the past has supported my work with touring partner and collaborator Vic Hennegan. I'll be revisiting that same work with Vic soon myself, as planned for the last few years.

In the meantime though, you can read my feature page on the WDIY website, where the live stream for Thursdays (tonight) can also be found. After reading to the bottom, you will even notice a couple of widget-player archives, where you can hear Vic and I appearing on the station years ago. I'm honored. Just click any of these photos to visit the WDIY page with my article.


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