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DJ Set Homage To Ambient Friends

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I recently completed a long ambient mix set for a collective of DJs and enthusiasts in Holland called INDEX. They are super cool people and I dig the cutting-edge-electro mentality of the sets they feature. For my own mix I decided to do a long dedication to all of my friends and colleagues in ambient music through the years. Almost all of them are in there, but hey, it’s been a long life so far, and I probably left a few out. I think it’s a miracle that I remembered even this many.

I’ve lost contact with some of the folks in this mix, and a couple of them aren’t alive anymore, but they are all still people I've worked with, past and present, and/or we've clearly been mutual fans of each other's music in a deep and heartfelt way. These folks mean/meant a lot to me. Some of the tracks are super recent while others were made 4 decades ago. It's a mix of time periods, but still an homage to the memory of new and old ambient and space-music friends in general, hopefully not the last. Of course you'll hear some of my own music too, but primarily in the form of certain collaborations I've had with said fellow artists, and mostly unreleased material.

This is the longest DJ set that INDEX has featured so far, by far, and is their only ambient one. It’s one of those works that bring a somewhat futuristic calm to just about any occasion or scenario. Check out some of the other mixes on INDEX too, if you’re into other forms of electronic music also, especially EDM, IDM or electro. Everything is below.

Still there? Cool. Well then here's a side-ish amusement and further update: an online YouTube DJ set of contemporary trip hop that one of my tracks was recently included on. The show is/was an online broadcast by another collective, this one being from Japan, called Radio Ukki. Radio Ukki prides itself in finding trip hop and lo fi glitch hop that establishes it's mood through minimalism and repetition. It’s not a dazzling outfit, but it's a cool and low-key one. Music and the arts are basically a utility when used pragmatically, so this set is just as good as any other triphop/chillhop set when it comes to helping you concentrate on things while it plays in the background. Talk soon!


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