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To Our Pandemic Winter Holidays

We had one day of rain down here in Southern California two days ago, but the time before that was in Spring, so we’re still in a drought and a dry holiday season. Of course, these are good problems compared to some of the issues that the pandemic has brought, and in addition to travel being so limited. In honor of the weather we want, the traveling we want, the performing we want, the progress the world wants and spirit of the holidays, I chopped together this little video for my band The Stratos Ensemble. It pairs our track “Team Accident” (from the Lahat EP) with my footage of Mt. Hood last Winter. Hopefully this will bring a little bit of aesthetic solace, and hopefully you are all staying safe. Also, below that I've included a moment I broadcasted on Facebook last Xmas eve, after I had been filming music in the Reno/Tahoe area and then endured a theft that left me with little to show for my efforts that season. Here's to the many ways in which we figure out how to adapt and salvage and redeem so many initially unsatisfactory situations. And, in all seriousness, Happy Pandemic Holidays everyone!


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