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Taken from Borrowed Time 2000

This was a recent post on Dean's Facebook page. It's a poem he once wrote about decades on one of his album covers:

Here are the words from the old CD insert on my album Borrowed Time 2000, in it's original text form from 2004, posted on this first day of 2020:

"Eras, centuries, millennia, stacking through history in multiples of ten. Measuring evolution by turning the passing of time into math, we round off the second of a larger digit. As hard as the path might have been to get this far, it was but a metaphor. The nature of all that time yields never stands immortal, if anything tends to fall prematurely. But hope and wonder have somehow held firm ground in the obscure approach of the third millennium. Social and technological progress seems to exceed our primal urge to destroy, perhaps contrary to popular belief, or folklore. A 'new' age dawns, and with it, another promise for inevitable 'survival.'

It hits the two thousand mark, stacking infinitely in multiples of 10... but all of that is on the Surface now."

-Borrowed Time 2000 by Surface 10 can be found online. The genre is electronic music. Happy new decade everyone.


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