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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I know I've had a bit of a lull in the prolific-ness of my discography lately. Aside from the fact that this will probably change, I promise you, the lull hasn't happened for lack of material. Releasing albums properly takes more time, energy and resources than most people know, so when I'm inspired, I prefer to use that time for creating rather than releasing. I've made endless amounts of music that I'm proud of and have poured all of my innovation into, and I've even shared it with the public, but it's just not on album yet. The greatest portion of this unreleased material, currently public, is actually my SoundCloud page as Surface 10. My genres on there range from experimental ambient to IDM to experimental EDM to progressive glitch, world and anything similar (if you want me to try titling these genres). Most of my extended collaborations are on my Fateless Flows sc page, but for solo material, my Surface 10 sc page is best. If you're a fan of my electronic music and general solo work, I highly recommend either subscribing if you're on Soundcloud, or marking the web page if you're not. Below are some of my most recently posted tracks of unreleased material on there. You can check them out and then hit my name just below any of the track titles, and then mark my SoundCloud artist page. Hope you're well.


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