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Something To Help Calm Nerves And Concerns

Hello everyone.

Please excuse my long delay in blog posts, especially in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For much of the world, time has stopped, but most of my work is production that I do quarantined indoors anyway, so I'm a little busier now.

I have absolutely no complaints however. I'm enjoying my privileged life. The elimination of travel obligations and commutes really does simplify what's important, and this is a gift, regardless of any threats. Of course, essential workers don't have this so easy, so I do feel indebted to them on some level, but I also know that even they have reasons to feel thankful. Everyone does, about something

The thought of people infected and dying out there is definitely distressing, but aside from that fact, life is still good, and I just hope you are all seeing this in some way. There are lots of reasons to be thankful and stress free amidst the confusion. Perhaps the outbreak seems scary to you, and you have anxiety due to the isolation, but I assure you, this is not a hopeless situation in the slightest. If you stay safe by isolating, and do everything the authorities and specialists tell you (don't forget masks at all times in public), and take decent care of your body and mind while at home, you will not be infected, and you will pass through this quarantine with your sanity in tact and all your home errands finally done after 100 years of "trying to get to it." In all seriousness about that, I'm not exactly sure why we put things off so much at home, but now we are being forced to tend to it, and that can't be all bad. There is nothing to fear here. Just do your part and try not to be sloppy about it. This will pass when it passes, and society will return to a norm. Trust that, and be patient.

To help with this, I have created a playlist of ambient music pieces, designed to calm our concerns and feelings while in quarantine. Leave it on. It is a combination of my own solo pieces, as well as my collaborations, especially with The Stratos Ensemble. Some of these pieces are kind of experimental, as my music has been known to get, but they should still serve as melodic and tranquil enough to put most people at peace. Most of this work is unreleased and not included on any of my albums, but as some of you know, much of my unreleased work can always be found there on Soundcloud, until the day I include it on future albums. The playlist is below. Enjoy it, and enjoy this time with yourselves.

(SIDE NOTE: for anyone reading this who happens to be a fan of my band The Stratos Ensemble, indeed we had to cancel our scheduled performance for April 23rd, as well as all other performances, indefinitely. Please see the Stratos Ensemble website for those details, and subscribe for more updates.)




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