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Regarding Dean's Facebook Pages

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you want updates on Dean that are more frequent and sometimes far more personal than this blog, liking and/or friending his Facebook pages are highly suggested if you are on there. Each page is linked and described below.

  • My FB Artist page is where you will find my creative-and-artistic sharings on a regular basis as solo artist Surface 10. It's used for updates on my official content, sure, but this page has more to do with reflecting, musing and reminiscing, etc., about various works and topics, even when being brief. (click photo for link)

  • My personal FB page is where you will find the most intimate topics. I still post my artistic content there but it has a lot more to do with my writings and sometimes my private life on that page. (click photo for link)

  • My FB page for The Stratos Ensemble is how it sounds, all of the updates I post in regards to all of the content I create for that band. The Stratos Ensemble is one of my biggest projects and truest loves, mixing ambient electronic-music styles with jazz, fusion and progressive forms in the spirit of musicianship and live playing. (click photo for link)

  • My FB page for Desensitized, my duo project with recording artist Deborah Martin, is updated on our collaborative activity every once-in-a-while. (click photo for link)

Dean also moderates a Facebook group called Ambient/Jazz Fusion And Progressive Ensembles, and he will likely start more groups at some point. Long story short, for the time being, Dean seems to be the most active on Facebook, even though yes, he still keeps his Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages constantly updated as well. You will also find all of these profiles and all of Dean's social media at the top of this blog page, in the transport bar.


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