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New Free Track And Outtake

I'm going to try hard to adopt a habit of reporting here every time I post up a free piece of music somewhere online. I may not be perfect at it, but I will still aim for that. For starters, here is a track I recently completed and posted for temporary-free-download on Soundcloud. It's basically a track I created by mixing together a bunch of stems that I sent to Deborah Martin as a collaborative track for our duo Desensitized. I know she will turn these stems into something completely different than it's original form, so I wanted to mix the stems together as an unreleased S10-style track first, and give it away for a short time. Grab it while it's available.

Electrnic instruments and software used in it's making:

Ableton Intro

Reaktor 5

Tone2 - Saurus

Tone2 - ElectraX


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