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New De Benedictis-Related Video Content Up

I'm just keeping you guys updated about all of my artistic accomplishments, no matter how small they may be. I mean that's pretty much what this site is for anyway, right? (Insert winky face here.) There are three new videos I created and posted up on Youtube since my last entry here. All three are below.

The first one is a music video I made for my band, The Stratos Ensemble. A few friends and close fans seem to love it, and actually I used only my phone and an app called Videoleap to create it. The footage is a combination of my time in Oregon and the alley down the street from where I'm currently staying in LA.

The second one is a listening video for an LA jazz band I once remixed into experimental EDM. I recently remastered the mixes and now they sound kind of oustanding.

The last one is another brief music-video-type of spot that I created for the band using only my phone again.

I create these things half because I'm inspired to, and %25 to learn the programs, and %25 to keep me/us present in everyone's minds/hearts through the pandemic. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you're well and safe.


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