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Stillness, Reflection, And White Sand

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

In the Spring of 2017, I walked out onto the dunes of White Sands National Monument with my laptop, a controller, a bluetooth speaker, and a recording of some synth parts that a friend had given me before he passed away 6 years earlier. That friend was Barry Craig, known to the ambient music world as A Produce. White Sands had been one of his favorite places in the entire world. After setting up some of my own synthesizers, inside my laptop, I then proceeded to improvise my own tranquil parts over Barry's old ideas, recording the whole thing while there on the dunes. In the below link is that same set of ambient music. It was a spontaneous collaboration with Barry, after Barry, and dedicated to Barry. His widow, Jane, recorded an intro for me in honor of the set, which you can hear me open with. I was in tears through some of this performance, a release of some of the pain that had built up over the previous decade. It was an existentially challenging decade for me, fraught with failure and adversity, but also peppered with amazing personal triumphs, like this moment.

The music is a fee download for anyone visiting on Soundcloud, at least until the day it's ever used for anything officially, which isn't likely. Enjoy it's tranquility, and let it help rest your minds during this awkward time in history.

Here's to the indifferent stillness that awaits us, and the upward motion that also submits to our intentions, somehow inevitably, as sure as we live and breath.

(Manipulated photo taken while looking Southeast during the performance that day.)


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