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Dean's Remastered Remixes On YouTube

A listening video for two of Dean's newly remastered remixes are now up on YouTube. Both remixes were by Dean, two different impressions of the track "The Organization Of Chaos" by LA-based electric-jazz band Simplexity (one mix under Dean's real name and the other as Surface 10). Both remixes cover progressive house, ambient, glitch and progressive fusion styles. "The Organization Of Chaos" is a track from Simplexity's 2010 album Extreme Measures, which Dean originally remixed shortly after. Check out the new pristine quality.

Musicians heard:

Steve Tavaglione - sax and EWI

John Beasley - keyboards

Gary Novak - drums

Walt Fowler - trumpet

Judd Miller - clarinet and EVI

Dave Carpenter - bass John von Seggern - electronic percussion and production

Remix instrumentation: Dean De Benedictis - synthesizers, samplers, electronic percussion, elaborate effects, synth solo on remix 2, and production

(tech-head fun fact NI's Reaktor was used both for the original album and for the remixes.)

More can be found about Simplexity's 2010 album "Extreme Measures" at:


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