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Celebrating What Happened A Year Ago On Hood

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Today is the 1st anniversary of one of my greatest achievements in life: the day I finally reached the summit of Mt. Hood in Oregon, where I preceded to perform electronic music (trip hop) from the top, and broadcast it live, online. The broadcast/production quality was marginal, and I almost lost my life during the ascent, but I'm still fairly certain that this specific type of endeavor had never been done before. It didn't come without great personal cost to me, but I got it done. They wrote an article about the event for a small local publication in the Hood area, last Fall. If you click on the image below, which looks like a clip from the article, you will be taken to the full article on the Mountain Times website. I will probably talk about this experience a little more in the weeks or months to come, especially on my social networks, and I may try to get more features or articles written about it. There will likely be more of these types of summits for me in the future, but in the meantime, I'm definitely celebrating this accomplishment because it was one of the biggest and I'm fairly proud of it.



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