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Catching Up To Never

Judging from how I tend to juggle so many different things, there might be long lapses of time between posts and updates on this site. Excuse that. It doesn't mean I will ever stop. They are merely obstacles, usually temporary by nature. My latest reason was actually a small family crisis. My father (composer Richard De Benedictis) needed a lot of help, and in the process our family was burdened and, in essence, didn't exactly survive as a relationship afterwards. But we put our time and effort in (Lord knows I did), and my father is taken care of now, so I can again return to putting art, music and philosophy at the front of my world. Hopefully this will mean more updates also. In the meantime however, I've posted a few musical gifts for those interested, as a show of appreciation for your patience. The players to those links are below: one ambient piece, one cinematic trip hop piece and one track by my band The Stratos Ensemble. You can listen online or download them.

Here's to those things worth living for, nobly lifting us out of bed each morning. -D


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