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An Offering

My apologies for being out of contact and in case you didn't notice for letting this website go awol for a few months. Long story behind that but I don't plan on letting it happen again any time soon. I will now not only attempt to keep the blog here decently updated, but I'm also offering you a free song. Some know that I occasionally give music away for free to fans who stay tuned in. This isn't because I don't think the music is worthy of selling, it's because I make so much of it that sometimes it has to wait in the queue for years until it makes an album of any kind. I would prefer that close fans be able to experience this music before the rest of the world does, rather than just sitting in my closet that whole time. Anyway, the original SoundCloud track story is below, and below that is the track. Just click on the picture to be taken to the SC player.

"I spent 2 full months working on this track last year so that it could be included on my next Salvaging album on Spotted. Turns out, it won't fit on the album, after all that. It's kind of edgy so not exactly Spotted material anyway, more like Surface 10. Here it is, for you, on Soundcloud until the day it's used for something official. The music is a fairly manic track but a big production for just a laptop... I think. It starts out like Steve Roach and ends up like The friggin' Chemical Brothers meets Black Eyed Peas or something. Plus there is a hidden track that sounds like Aphex Twin wandering into an opium den with an MPC60 (I love talking about my music as though it's someone else's). Download and enjoy it if you want while that's still possible. It's my momentary gift."

-Dean Imagery by Claire Raymond, a great artist who did the cover for my last album Salvaging The Present. Clarinet playing by Alexey Gorokholinsky from Kronodigger.


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