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A Video He Made For Vic Hennegan

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Taken from my Facebook personal page:

I finally completed and posted a full concert by friend and collaborator Vic Hennegan recently. It's one of a handful of videos and projects I've been slowly chipping away at for the last 9 years. That's around the time when all of these projects started piling up a bit, promises and obligations to friends, colleagues and supporters before I fully realized how involving each project would be. But at that time, I only knew that I was tired of unfinished work, and I had to change course, or perhaps stay the course if you will, so I did. Many of the videos that you may have seen me produce and post on YouTube over the last decade were a part of that original pile up, and indeed they've contributed to a shyness and perhaps even a slight artistic paralysis I've been experience along with them. However, I'm finishing them, and I'm also passing through something that needs to be passed through, for whatever reason, for better or worse. Upon completing projects like this concert for Vic, and by Vic, I'm definitely reminded why not giving up was probably worth whatever sacrifices resulted. The reward is a bit of an axiom, something I can be proud of. For anyone who loves traditional-style space music, especially BerlinSchool sequencer styles, this video won't likely disappoint, so enjoy. More before long.



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