Throughout his career, Dean has used two main monikers for his solo work. They are: Surface 10, and his real full name Dean De Benedictis. This page contains a playable portion of Dean's official discography as both handles. Below that, are some of his collaborative projects, including Lyrus and Dean's band The Stratos Ensemble. Finally, a little further below, is a player and link to a far more extensive collection of Dean's most recent and unofficial (unreleased) work on Soundcloud. For more on The Stratos Ensemble, visit The Stratos Ensemble's website here.. For more on Dean's additional full-length solo albums and collaborations, do a search for any of the titles in the cover art gallery at the bottom of this page, and/or search for Exempli Gratia by Cathexis.

Albums as Surface 10

Albums as Dean De Benedictis

Some of Dean's Official Collaborative Albums and Projects

Dean's Most Recent Unofficial Music On Soundcloud (Some Of His Best)

Cover Art Gallery For Complete Full-Length Solo Discography

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Vector Fable (later "In Vitro Tide")